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It is a continuous endeavor of the company to:

Provide quality service to the customer’s satisfaction in respect of comprehensive Engineering, Geophysical, Oceanographic, Hydrographic, Topographic & Environmental Survey services to the Offshore, Oil and Gas industries, Ports & Harbors, Submarine Telecommunication, Power cable and Submarine pipeline industries, while performing surveys anywhere in the world, consistent with national and international standards.
Maintain a healthy and safe workplace, systems and methods of work, to ensure health and safety of personnel and prevention of loss of life and property by identification of foreseeable work hazards, assessment of the risks and taking appropriate steps. Prevent, reduce or control pollution while working in the office and on board vessels during the survey by identification of aspects (potential sources), assessment of the impacts and taking appropriate steps.
Strive to continually improve quality, safety, health, and environment management performance by setting objectives and measurable targets with review and corrective measures.
Comply with all the applicable safety, occupational health and environmental rules & regulations and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, while operating survey equipment, both over and under the water.
Be always alert and equipped to respond to emergencies and disasters by having an emergency response plan for Fire and earthquake. Promote resource conservation and recycle options.
Equip employees and contractors with the awareness, information, instructions, and supervision skills needed for safe working, quality of operation, and environmental management.
Identify and maintain the processes needed for the effective implementation of the quality management system.
Address the concerns of customers, employees, stakeholders, local communities and other interested parties.


It is the policy of GMPL to plan and conduct operations according to sound environmental principles. The work brings GMPL staff into daily contact with the Earth’s resources and ecosystems, including areas of extraordinary environmental value and sensitivity. Our policy is to strive to minimize any impact, with a target of zero long-term impact.

Some aspects of our activities are subject to specific laws or regulations, with which we shall fully comply. Moreover, we shall go beyond mere compliance and endeavour to use the best practical environmental standards and procedures even in the absence of any legal requirements. We do this because it is good business practice and because it is right.

GMPL adopts the following environmental principles:

To be good stewards of the Earth by protecting resources wherever we operate.
To promote environmental awareness and responsibility in our employees, suppliers and clients.
To be sensitive to local community concerns about the environmental impact of our operations, bearing in mind that the world at large is often unfamiliar with such operations and that, much can be gained by careful listening and thoughtful response.
To maintain the highest level of integrity with our clients, government officials and the public in addressing environmental concerns, being especially diligent in recognizing that trust is difficult to build but easy to shatter.
To make environmental considerations a priority in planning and developing services and operations.
To be particularly vigilant when working in areas of unique or sensitive habitats of birds, animals or marine life or in/near areas of historical or culturally important sites or artifacts.
To expect an environmental commitment from our suppliers and clients, especially those concerned with the transport or disposal of hazardous or waste materials, by making them aware and keeping them informed of our commitment.
To share information and experiences with other companies and individuals to ensure effective environmental practices are available for the use of all.
To demonstrate by our actions at every level of the company that GMPL and all its employees are truly committed to these principles.


GMPL regards health and safety at work as matters of the highest priority and will ensure that practical measures are taken to:

Comply with applicable statutory and contractual health and safety requirements.
Protect the health and safety of all persons, including the general public, by planning survey operations to ensure that our works take into account the health and safety of those who may be affected.
Provide trained, experienced and competent management and supervision.
Provide and maintain plant, places and systems of work that are safe and minimise risks to health.
Provide all personnel with adequate information, instruction, training and supervision.
Establish effective communication and joint consultation on health and safety matters with all relevant parties involved in the project works.

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Accurate and timely data forms the cornerstone of successful projects, ensuring a seamless initiation and continuous progress. Geoservices Maritime Private Limited is dedicated to delivering an extensive suite of hydrographic surveying services tailored for governmental agencies, public institutions, and private enterprises. Our track record includes providing hydrographic surveys that have played a pivotal role in supporting various projects, ranging from data gathering for desktop studies, waterfront development to inland waterways management, dam surveys, pre & post-dredging assessments for ports, seabed stability evaluations for pipelay, mineral exploration, drilling, land geophysics, cable lay operations, water-dependent engineering, environmental remediation, metocean studies, and a myriad of other applications.