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Hydrographic Survey Differential Global Positioning Services

We are a reckoned name, GMPL uses advance navigation and data acquisition system and processing software for preparation of charts. We offer Differential Global Positioning Services carrying out all types of Hydrographic survey for the following categories:

Bathymetry surveys
Rivers & Lake/Reservoir surveys
Port &Harbours surveys
Dredging surveys
Geophysical Surveys
Diving Support — Positioning Service
Offshore construction projects
Positioning Services — Rig and Barges
Route survey
Shallow water Oceanography

We also offers UHF/HF linked Differential Global Positioning Service (DGPS) with Positional accuracy of sub meter for:

Vessel navigation and offshore surveys
Rig positioning, offshore vessels and barge positioning
Land surveys and GIS (Geographical Information System) application surveys
Vessel management services
Navigation assistance and pilotage for vessel movement in and out of ports/harbor​

Marine/Offshore Construction Services

GMPL has expertise in providing survey and navigation services on turnkey basis to Marine/Offshore Construction Services. The companies are involved in: Jacket, SPM/SBM & CALM BUOY installation, Pipe laying, construction of jetties and dolphins hook-up.
Our activities involving:
Pre- engineering and pre lay support services
 Jacket installation and pipe lay support services
 Post-construction support, pre-burial and post-burial surveys
 As built and cathodic protection survey services
Cable Laying

Geophysical Survey Services

GMPL is a dynamic company that offers a total solution to all near shore & offshore survey requirements. Geophysical Survey is the science of measurement and description of features which affect Maritime Navigation, Marine Construction, Dredging, Offshore Oil Exploration Drilling and related disciplines. This includes all facts of project management including; desktop studies, survey planning, data acquisition, sediment sampling, data interpretation, ore reserve calculations, map generation and report writing. Undertaken for collecting Subsea information like Water Depth, seabed profile/mapping etc. used in making Hydrographic Charts, and construction support services etc. Survey data can also be used in identifying manmade obstructions, seabed hazards.

All tasks are performed in-house which facilitates quick turnaround times on all projects. The combination of experience, expertise and innovation creates a formidable survey team.
GMPL also owns and manages Geophysical Vessel, which is fully mobilized to perform all type of Geophysical Survey Projects.

Offshore pipeline and cable route surveys
Pre – Engineering Survey
Pre Installation Survey
Post Lay Survey
Debris Clearance Survey
Free Span Detection
As-Built Survey
LBL Metrology
Seabed Sampling with Drop Core and Grab Sampler
Seismic Survey
Topographic Land Survey

UXO Survey

GMPL under takes UXO surveys by deputing specialized Geophysicist with extensive experience in similar works to detect explosive ordnance on the seabed using a survey vessel towed multi-sensor array to locate metal anomalies either laying on the seabed or buried underneath.

GMPL carry out Unidentified Explosive Ordnance (UXO) surveys using regular survey systems like side scan sonar, sub-bottom profilers and specially mounted 2 or 3 axis Gradiometer which are linked to navigation systems for accurate positioning and logging unidentified metallic objects. The survey results are processed and reported as an anomaly map and target list.

Rig Positioning Survey Services

Positioning is the most important task in the field of surveying. With our broad portfolio of positioning services, GMPL is well equipped to support the client’s drilling operations. We assign a dedicated project manager to work with our client’s drilling teams and a full technical review is undertaken at the planning stage of each new project.​ We provide support with:

Rig positioning for semi-submersible rigs, jack-up rigs and drilling vessels
Anchor Handler Tug (AHT) remote positioning
In-field movement
Subsea work-overs/re-entries
Template and guide-base installations
Precise positioning alongside platforms
Debris clearance surveys
Accurate installation & Positioning Survey
Positioning Support for Diving Activity
Construction Support Services
Precise Pipelay Positioning, Shore pulling and Cable Lay Support

This range of core positioning services means that we can offer rig move solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of each of our clients.
GMPL utilizes the latest in surface and underwater Positioning Systems to ensure delivering high accuracy and high reliability during the execution of projects both above and below the surface.
GMPL employ professional, proven, dynamic and committed individuals with skill sets that extend across the range of our core disciplines.
The positioning services are as follow:

Rig, Barge & Tug Positioning
Jacket Installation/Positioning
Pipe Lay Activities
Underwater Diver Positioning
Underwater Positioning

ROV Services

Historically in the offshore oil and natural gas industry, large, expensive, and cumbersome work- class ROVs have handled the bulk of observation tasks on offshore rigs and vessels. Recently the demand for a more portable, affordable, easily and quickly deployable, and “disposable” observation class ROV has been prevalent to supplement the large work-class ROV in simple observation tasks.
GMPL can provide ROV services to offshore construction, whether a multi-million dollars oil platform or a harbor reef light installation. We can help you to

Reduce safety exposure
Significantly reduce costs
Save project time
Reduce weather downtime
Provide full detailed video documentation
Fulfill regulatory compliance requirements

We can achieve this by providing:

Rapid deployment to anywhere the project needs eyes
Observation of subsea construction activities
Safe observation ROV activities
Access to spaces divers or other ROVs cannot achieve
NDT inspection of steel and concrete
Cathodic protection analysis
Pre installation seabed clearance surveys of Post installation subsea facilities inspection of Post installation debris clearance surveys

GMPL is well experienced in providing the following ROV Services:

Seabed Survey
Touchdown Monitoring
As-Built Survey
Debris Clearance Survey
Debris Removal
Crossing Installation Support as Laid survey
Free Span Rectification
Pipe Line Inspection
Jacket & Anode Survey
Out-Of-Straightness Inspection–OOSI
Mud Mats survey

Rig Movement

We create custom-made project plans in close cooperation with our project managers, QHSE Department and field supervisors. We assure our customers and their project will be carried out in accordance with the latest regulations combined with GMPL’s most recent field experiences to meet expectations.
We understand the need for detailed planning, sense of urgency, and the need for accuracy during rig moves, not to mention the high cost of delay and loss of revenue when not handled effectively. Our teams have the equipment, expertise, and safety standards in place and follow a tested approach, namely:
Detailed Planning:
We plan every aspect of the project to determine the quickest, most cost effective approach in moving the rig successfully. This includes consideration to the lowest risk solution that will deliver the rig rapidly and in a serviceable state plus ensure delays are minimized related to government and regulatory requirements such as customs, proper cleaning, fumigation, and other quarantine issues.
End-to-End Management:
Cost of delay is a big concern and is therefore a critical influencing factor of the GMPL approach to ensure end-to-end management from start to finish, and which includes strong stakeholder communication and coordination. Activities include packing, preparation, loading, stowing, transportation, clearances, unloading, unpacking, and checking.
Responsive Co-ordination:
Monitoring the progress is a critical component to the GMPL approach which has a strong focus on outcomes and an uncompromising proactive issue-identification process to avoid problems or delays before they occur.
Best Practices:
Working with some of the most exacting companies in the oil and gas industry has given us the experience to offer a set of best practice systems and procedures when it comes to rig moves, making implementation safer and faster.
Tailored Solutions:
Although a great deal of effort has been applied to develop best practices, each rig movement is slightly different. Part of the planning process is therefore to identify where customization needs to take place and leverage the local knowledge of our teams.
In general we offer best solution and cost effective procedure for rig movement. Some activities are mentioned here.

Arranging with international organizations
Survey of location before movement
Engineering of movement
Supplying required vessel for movement
Movement Operation management
Receiving Insurance certificates after completing the operation
Cooperation with international organizations like, London Offshore, Nobel Denton and Inter Ocean UK
Offshore Personnel Services


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